Social distancing like a boss (in it together edition)

Weather is getting nicer and there is a lot of work to do in the yard. Here are some things for you to be entertained from your home this weekend and a cool way to give back and support locally.

Virtual Music : Jonathan Peyton (FRI 6:00)

Jonathan Peyton, a singer/songwriter from Woodstock, Georgia, writes emotion-evoking songs that tell a story and captivate audiences by their relatability and honesty. Jonathan says that “Writing music has become a way of processing through life and relating to others and their stories.”

Live Stream Sessions With Jonathan Peyton

April 10th, 10:00pm - April 10th, 11:00pm

The Love Stream (SAT 6:30)

The Love Stream is a collaboration of unique talents, popular establishments, hopeful minds, and big hearts. As everyone is aware, this Global Pandemic has had devastating effects on many families, individuals, and local businesses.

The Love Stream

April 11th, 10:30pm - April 12th, 3:30am

Support our own with a cool yard sign

We will get through this together, Woodstock. A CITY UNEXPECTED is now A CITY UNRELENTING. Yard Signs delivered for $20 donation. Supports Downtown Woodstock Food Industry Relief Fund.


A City Unrelenting Yard Sign

April 10th, 12:00pm - May 10th, 9:00pm

Downtown Take-Out Bingo

Many local restaurants are offering new curbside take-out and home delivery options to keep you and your well-fed.

Use the bingo card by downloading it here and turn in completed rows for a chance to win!

Download Card and Rules

Check out these options, but please note that business conditions and offers are changing so call ahead or check the location’s social media channels for more info.

Woodstock To-Go

March 20th, 12:00pm - May 10th, 9:00pm

Virtual Farm. Fresh. Market.

We have put together some options for pick-up or delivery from your upcoming 2020 market vendors. Check out the link on how to shop and support them from a safe distance.

Virtual Farm. Fresh. Market.

April 10th, 12:00pm - May 10th, 9:00pm

Enjoy the outdoors

The trail system is a good place to get out for a bit. Please be considerate of others and follow these guidelines from the Nat’l Parks and Rec Association:

There are a number of specific recommendations for advising the public to keep safe social distancing when in parks or on trails

  • Follow CDC’s guidance on personal hygiene prior to heading to trails — wash hands, carry hand sanitizer, do not use trails if you have symptoms, cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, etc.
  • Observe at all times CDC’s minimum recommended social distancing of six feet from other people. Practice it and know what it looks like. Keep it as you walk, bike or hike.
  • Warn other trail users of your presence and as you pass to allow proper distance and step off trails to allow others to pass, keeping minimum recommended distances at all times. Signal your presence with your voice, bell or horn.
  • Note that trail and park users may find public restrooms closed — be prepared before you leave and time outings so that you are not dependent on public restrooms.
  • Bring water or drinks — public drinking fountains may be disabled and should not be used, even if operable.
  • Bring a suitable trash bag. Leave no trash, take everything out to protect park workers

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