History Lover

Established in 1897, Woodstock has it’s own authentic history. Take a day to experience the timeless spirit of our community.

Where to Start

Opened as a drug store in 1906, Dean’s Store was one of the first stores on Main Street. It’s been a gathering place for over a century, so it’s natural that it became the city’s official visitors center. Original merchandise still lines the shelves and the town’s history comes to life each day.

A Place to Remember

Take a moment to honor and remember our nation’s triumphs and tragedies at the moving monuments in the Park at City Center. The Woodstock War Memorial and the 9/11 Memorial are steps apart right in the heart of Downtown Woodstock.

Culinary Destination

Enjoy drinks and a great meal trackside on the porch at Freight Kitchen & Tap located in the historic passenger and freight depot (c. 1912). This building on the National Register of Historic Places also served as a fire station and city hall since passenger service was discontinued.

Walk Into the Past

Visit the site of Woodstock’s rope mill which thrived by the area’s cotton industry in 1800s. Seek out the ruins and historical markers along Little River.

Make New History

Located in a century old house once known as the Hubbard House,┬áCentury House Tavern is a destination spot with a modern repurposed feel, while staying true to the historical roots of the beautiful property. Locally sourced small plates and mainstays won’t disappoint.

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