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FoxTale Book Shoppe

FoxTale Book Shoppe, is the brainchild of friends and fellow writers, Karen Schwettman and Jackie Tanase. Building on respect for books, community and independent retailers, the trio combined talents and have brought to Woodstock a unique, welcoming environment that’s a bit like stepping back in time. “Just like that book store in ‘You’ve Got Mail,’” they hear on a almost daily basis. And indeed, it is that very homey, inviting ambience that keeps customers coming back and bringing friends to visit the most talked about bookstore in Metro-Atlanta.

Upcoming Events at FoxTale Book Shoppe

Fantasy-Fiction Writing Workshop

September 19th, 1:00pm - September 19th, 4:00pm
FoxTale Book Shoppe

Laura Morelli in conversation with Marie Benedict

September 21st, 7:00pm - September 21st, 7:00pm
FoxTale Book Shoppe

Dr. Seuss Story Time with Ms. Maritza

September 25th, 11:00am - September 25th, 11:00am
FoxTale Book Shoppe

Rick Bragg Virtual

September 27th, 6:30pm - September 27th, 6:30pm
FoxTale Book Shoppe

Denise Heinze, The Brief and True Report of Temperance Flowerdew Virtual

September 28th, 6:30pm - September 28th, 6:30pm
FoxTale Book Shoppe

Nicholas Sparks, The Wish In-Person

September 30th, 5:00pm - September 30th, 5:00pm
FoxTale Book Shoppe

Becky Hunt Book Launch & Story Time, Monty Goes to School

October 2nd, 11:00am - October 2nd, 11:00am
FoxTale Book Shoppe

Susanna Kearsley Virtual

October 5th, 6:30pm - October 5th, 6:30pm
FoxTale Book Shoppe

Rosalind & Maggie Bunn, All Aboard Georgia Book Launch

October 9th, 11:00am - October 9th, 11:00am
FoxTale Book Shoppe

Mary Kay Andrews & Gervais Hagerty In-Person

October 9th, 2:00pm - October 9th, 2:00pm
FoxTale Book Shoppe

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105 E Main St Ste 138
Woodstock, GA 30188 United States


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