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Scavenger Hunt

Are you interested in getting out and discovering Woodstock? The 9th annual  Discover WDSTK Scavenger Hunt is happening April 1st-30th, 2022. This event provides a unique experience as participants team up to gather photographic evidence of their journey through 100 different venues in Woodstock.
The event is free to take part in and no advanced registration is required.Teams will be competing to win a $100 Downtown Dollars Gift Certificate and many great prizes donated by Woodstock businesses
The scavenger hunt clue sheet can be viewed and downloaded at this link Discover Woodstock Scavenger Hunt 2022
Hard Copies will be available at the Woodstock Visitors Center on that date
Event Rules-
– No repeat photos.
– No combining multiple tasks into one photo.
– Every member of a team must be in each photo except the member taking it (no dividing and conquering!)
– Be respectful in everything you do.
– Include logos of places you go so we know you actually went!
– Respect private property.
– FOLLOW ALL TRAFFIC LAWS, FEDERAL LAWS AND ALL OTHER LAWS when taking part in the scavenger hunt.
– Be Creative!!!
How to turn in results
Submissions will be accepted throughout the event (April 1st -30th) at the Woodstock Visitors Center (Mon.-Sat. 10-5)! Bring your digital camera, cell phone or whatever device used to take photos to the Woodstock Visitors Center. Participants are encouraged to bring pictures downloaded to a USB or flash drive. Judges will examine pictures to score the scavenger hunt results. You may also bring hard copies to be scored if you prefer

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